The Lure of Sea Glass, Our Connection to Nature's Gems by Richard LaMotte
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Pure Sea Glass Series 1 Boxed Note Cards
$ 17.95

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Order now! Back by popular demand and redesigned in a stylish matchbox with satin ribbon pull, filled with beautiful fine-art photography images from the book Pure Sea Glass.

On the back of each card is a quote from Pure Sea Glass author, Richard LaMotte, from his popular book.

Each individually shrink-wrapped box contains 16 - blank, 5" x 7" cards with four different photographs taken by Celia Pearson from the book Pure Sea Glass.  The sea glass images in this series of note cards are: Yellow, Orange, Cobalt and the Spanish Glass image.

Pure Sea Glass by Richard LaMotte
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Pure Sea Glass Series 3 Note Cards
$ 17.95

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Pure Sea Glass - Series 3 Note Cards - Click here to order now!

This third set of 4” x 6” note cards (20 cards total), features four each of five sea glass photographs by Celia Pearson, packaged in an attractive , shrink-wrapped, 6.5” x 5.5” x 2” box. Each card has a quote on the back by Pure SEA GLASS author Richard LaMotte. Ideal as a gift or for personal use, these will surely make a lasting impression in any season.

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Pure SEA GLASS Identification Card Deck
$ 16.95

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Pure Sea Glass Pocket Journal
$ 12.95

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